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Corporate/Franchise Raves


No one knows the emerging workforce better than Eric Chester. He’s spot on when it comes to the challenge leaders face for improving work ethic and restoring pride, and he offers advice that is both practical and solid.”

— Joseph M. DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven, Inc.

Your keynote presentation was tailor-made for our dealers. Absolutely outstanding.

— Matt Lavatich, President, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Your presentation was engaging and humorous, and at the same time it underscored the importance of understanding this next generation of employees…Thank you for a great presentation!

— Tim & Richard Smucker, Chairman of the Board & CEO

Eric hit it out of the park at our convention… best keynote we have ever had at Gold’s Gym! Our franchisees were blown away with his passion and message… Great Job!”

— Tim Hicks, SVP/Franchising, Gold’s Gym
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“Your presentation…was precisely what our managers need…we believe your advice and guidance has resulted in a positive shift…As a corporation we have been working towards the new millennial standard and with your help we now have an answer. Your presentation was the highlight…You were truly one of the best speakers we have had here…”

— Larry Vorpahl, President, Hormel Consumer Product Sales

WOW! Awesome! Fantastic! Insightful!… those are the words I heard from everyone.”

— Missy Shrupp, Director of Meeting & Travel Services, Intl. Dairy Queen

Eric was very engaging with over 1,500 people in the audience at our annual convention… He brings a great sense of passion and enthusiasm to his presentation and the material is very relatable for our franchisees.”

— Tom Coba, President, ServiceMaster Clean

“Fantastic job, Eric! You totally WOW’ed our 700 franchise partners!

— Don Fox, CEO, Firehouse Subs

“The feedback from our franchisee community as well as our corporate staff was overwhelmingly positive…your message…was more than relevant, it was an opportunity for us to refocus our energies to those…that carry the banner of our brand.”

— Corey Bowman, President, Pita Pit

“…you definitely delivered the most ‘take home’ value — for both Franchise Partners and Managers. It’s not just the content of what you say, but the very personable and convincing style that you have. I will use ‘relationships, not rules’ for the rest of my life. You have definitely made a difference for me and all of our folks. Thank you! Thank you!”

— Russ Umphenour, CEO, Focus Brands International

“I cannot think of another presentation so well organized, prepared and delivered. I believe your content and delivery will have a lasting impact on Applebee’s.”

— Lloyd Hill, Former Chairman and CEO, Applebee's

“We have had Eric serve as our Keynote Speaker at our annual franchisee conventions three separate times over the past ten years. Each presentation has been better than the one before! We’ve received tremendous positive feedback and results each time. Eric is the most knowledgeable speaker on his subject, and is the consummate keynoter, delivering engaging, memorable entertaining presentations which resonate with the audience. Most importantly, they improve our businesses.

— Ron Berger, CHMN/CEO, Figaro's Italian Pizza, Inc.

“…our franchisees felt that it was the most appropriate topic for our reunion. Your content and presentation style blew them away. I can’t remember a time when we’ve had almost 100% of our speaker ratings come back at all 9’s and 10’s.”

— Dina Dwyer-Owens, Chairwoman and CEO, The Dwyer Group

Your philosophies and approach to the leadership of today’s young workforce resonated with our community … and will have a meaningful impact and bring about real change for the better. The degree of preparation and customization that went into your address was apparent to all.”

— Paul Mangiamele, President & CEO, Bennigan's

Phenomenal keynote address! Our conference was a huge success and many participants loved what you shared. [They] have plans to change their thoughts, approach, and businesses to improve the recruitment, training, and support of their teams!”

— Reed Nyffeler, CEO, Signal 88 Security

“Eric Chester brought a thoughtful message about ‘Gen Y’ that our franchisees loved and could relate to. He provided guidance to help us cross generational gaps in developing a mentoring program for our system. His message was uplifting and positive, while realistically presenting the challenges multi-generational businesses face and solutions for them. Without question, Eric is the country’s leading authority on ‘Gen Y.’

— Jim Sahene, CEO, Bruster's Real Ice Cream

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary presentation to our franchisees and staff… This is our 8th conference, and by far the feedback from attendees was ‘the best speaker yet’! Not only were you entertaining, but the content was so relevant to the business that franchisees are going back to make changes to their hiring and management process. [Your] book was also a huge hit… we need to purchase more…Thank you again for an amazing presentation!”

— Christina Chartrand, VP/Training, Senior Helpers

“Your presentation was spot on! The feedback following your presentation was outstanding! Numerous attendees commented on the great job you did and making [it] relevant to Value Place.”

— D. Glenn McFarland, Sr. VP, Brand & Franchise Operations, Value Place Hotels

“Not only have I hired Eric multiple times for multiple companies, but I also took the opportunity to have my children experience one of Eric’s engagements. Remarkably, Eric continues to deliver invaluable insights that continue to grow our business.”

— Mike Powers, Managing Director, Painting with a Twist Franchising

“Not only was the content of your presentation useful to our business, your delivery was entertaining and thought provoking.

— Russ Bendel, President & CEO, The Habit Burger Grill

“Eric was fantabulous! The time and effort he put forth in getting to know us and customizing the keynote was noticed and appreciated by everyone. Eric is as ALL keynotes should be. He proved that he is the MASTER of his subject and integrated that expertise with Front Burner Brands’ business.”

— Front Burner Brands (Melting Pot)

“…valuable knowledge, insight and ideas to our franchisees and was also uniquely delivered in a fun and enthusiastic manner!… You showed us how to develop the core values of our team members and future leaders. The ideas and strategies were exactly what our franchisees and managers needed and was specifically mentioned by a number of franchisees as the most valuable topic presented during our 2013 conference.”

— Joshua Hoffman, Founder/HomeWell Senior Care, Inc.

Over and over I have heard from our franchisees how your presentation has impacted them. You showed us how to hire people based upon our core values and how to move employees “up and over”into the valued quadrant!”

— Todd Hopkins, CEO, Office Pride, Inc.

Association Raves


“You definitely exceeded expectations…several years since we’ve seen an audience so hungry…more than a few people (bought) a book…You hit the mark…providing a relevant and timely presentation!”

— Jalane Kellough/Charlie Habic/Kim Giles, Executive Director/Communications & Conferences Chair/Marketing Manager, Electrical Generating Systems Association

“Not only was your session well attended, the audience rated you exceptionally high! They raved about your presentation style. I am confident the information you provided will not only benefit our attendees, but ultimately the entire industry.”

— Educational Program Manager, NRA (National Restaurant Association)

He was dynamic, thought-provoking, and a master of the subject matter.

— The Society of Plastics Industry

“Eric takes what you think you know and makes you know it better with more clarity…You made us look like heroes…[You did] a superb job before, during, and after the convention. I’ve been singing your praises to my association peers. Speakers like you make our job easy.”

— Liz Richards, Executive Vice President, MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association)

“Your keynote was a huge hit! Our attendees absolutely love your concepts. …Not only was your topic timely and necessary but your presentation style is captivating and extremely entertaining! Thank you again for the awesome presentation and the extraordinary value to our attendees!

— Executive Director, APA (American Payroll Association)

“Eric, your seminar was superb. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals and you made what was our opening keynote as smooth as possible.

— Education Project Manager, IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)

“On behalf of everyone associated with MIC, thank you for doing such an outstanding job as the luncheon speaker at the conference. Your obvious preparation and customization of your material was excellent and appreciated. There were 520 people in attendance and you had everyone’s rapt attention. …Congratulations on a fabulous job. There certainly is ‘buzz.'”

— Educational Program Chair, Meetings Industry Council

“Thank you for the wonderful address that you gave for the NTCA Call Conference. Your speech was wonderful! Our members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and learned from it. It was a great opening general keynote and it hit just the right note for our fall conference.
I especially commend you on the preparation time that you took in advance of your presentation. Your message—with your mix of humor and seriousness—really made for a memorable presentation.”

— Director of Meetings & Exhibits, NTCA (National Telephone Cooperative Association)

“It’s easy to see why your peers named you to the professional speakers hall of fame. Your keynote at our Fall Conference was a home run! On our evaluations we asked, ‘What was the BIG IDEA you brought home from the Fall Conference?’ Quite a few people mentioned you and your insights. Eric, if the definition of success is to make a difference in people’s lives, then you have truly succeeded. Our attendees are looking at their businesses—and their most precious assets – differently today because of you.”

— Executive Director, NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores)

“Conference attendees talked about your presentation throughout the conference and I heard nothing but very positive comments. The members truly appreciated your fun and daring style, infusing a sense of amusement and potent enthusiasm, which set the tone for the rest of the conference. … Insightful, energetic, illuminating, and instructive…you are a very dynamic speaker.”

— Executive Director, CHART (Council of Hospitality and Restaurant Trainers)

“You delivered a wonderful keynote at our Annual Convention. You set exactly the right tone, and while you provided great entertainment, the depth and content of your message were very informative and worthwhile.

— Executive Director, Special Districts Association
ICSA international customer service association

You were a huge success. Your message was very humorous and believable and gave the members some good ideas…“–

— President, ICSA (International Customer Service Association)

“I wanted to thank you once again for the outstanding opening keynote presentation at our recent Customer Contact Conference in Boston. We had quite a varied crowd of approximately 160 attendees with a mix of customer service contact, experience, and human relations professionals. You managed to please them all and kick off the event on an extremely high note. Your score for your session was, by far, the highest of the conference, scoring a 10 out of a possible 10.”

— Community Manager, Customer Care & Services Forum, Shared Insights
PALA logo

“I just wanted to pass along my thanks for a great Keynote! We are getting rave reviews from your talk and I just wanted to reach out and thank you! I appreciate the commitment and your professionalism, and you really did a great job! I can’t say enough how enjoyable your keynote was.”

— Executive Director, PALA (Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association)
National Ski Patrol

You were a HIT! It was refreshing to have a motivational speaker who spent time learning about our organization before making a presentation.This meant a great deal to our members and brought a satisfying conclusion to a very successful conference.”

— National Education Director, National Ski Patrol Association
LIUNA laborers international union of north america

Once again you hit the mark; your presentation was very well received. Your presentation enabled our labor leaders and their management partners to see clearly and intuitively into the complexities … as you offered candid insight. We received an overwhelmingly positive response to your remarks.”

— Executive Director, LIUNA (Laborers’ International Union of North America) (formerly Laborers-AGC)
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